Once upon a time women waited. Waited to be allowed to vote, to be noticed by a suitable man, to be proposed to and then kept. Thanks to trailblazing feminists women no longer need to wait. This painting depicts a feminist - empowering women to think and act for themselves, rather than simply being an appendage to a man. 

About the artist:

Helen Oprey is Inspired by her work as a social worker and her role as a mother. A love of colour and experimentation allows her to paint with playful creativity and thoughtful contemplation before her ‘adult mind’ takes over. Often prompted by a particular moment that drives her to put paint to canvas, her work hopes to capture something both beautiful and meaningful. Oprey received a high commendation in this year's Women's Art Prize and is represented by 19 Karen Gallery on the Gold Coast.

Helen Oprey

The Feminist, 2016

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Reserve Price: Coming Soon