So far we have revealed but a taste of the spectacular works that make up Trailblazing Women of Herstory - an exhibition where trailblazing women are the subjects, portrayed in all of their power, glory, beauty and badassery by award-winning and emerging artists (trailblazers in their own right!).

If you missed them, you can find the earlier reveals here, here and here.

Today, we're revealing three more.

All of these pieces (and many more) will be opened for sale or auction at our gala event next Friday the 25th November, and for one night only, in addition to first dibs on original pieces of art, we are offering our guests exclusive prices before we raise them the following day for our public opening.

So...we want to know...have you got your tickets yet, and have you told your friends?

And if you really can’t make it, don't worry, we have a full exhibition program with a range of different events launching tomorrow!


Amanda Wright
Red Spirit, 
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 90 cm

Emerging Aboriginal artist, Amanda Wright, paints portraits that acknowledge and capture the beauty, courage and connection to land of Australia’s First People. Speaking about Red Spirit, Wright says “when you see her face you see culture, land and a deep spirit”. Red Spirit is a bold and powerful image that demonstrates Wright’s passion for painting and pride in her heritage, through simple colour and form. Wright has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University and holds a Bachelor of Education from Deakin University. This piece is one of six being auctioned at our gala event on the 25th November. Tickets here



Aster V. Delgado
Raquel 'Rock' Edralin-Tiglao
, 2016
Oil on plywood
100 x 80 cm

Aster V. Delgado is a Filipina lesbian artist based in Hamburg,. Her portrait depicts a good friend, political activist and mentor at the Women's Crisis Centre in the Philippines - Raquel ‘Rock’ Edralin-Tiglao (1947-2001). ‘Rock’ grew up in Mindanao, the second largest and southernmost major island in the Philippines. She was forced into hiding for speaking out against the Marcos regime in the 1960s and 70s, and was eventually captured and imprisoned for two years. In the 1980s, she established a daycare centre for the children of political activists. Later in life, she studied psychology and women's studies and trained in women-centred counselling before co-founding the Philippines’ first shelter for women and girls. Delgado started to paint in 1996 while working at the Women's Crisis Centre in Manila. Her art consistently and consciously deals with the issues facing women and, in particular, lesbians. Her colourful and clear images reflect her political visions, her fantasies, dreams and passions. Aster has exhibited her work in the Philippines, in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.


Katherine Gailer’s work, Roots Of My Boat, explores the role of women and girls in migration. Ten-year-old Thalia Osegueda Santos, whose parents are from El Salvador and Brazil and part of a new multicultural generation growing up in Australia, holds a boat with growing roots symbolic of her inherited culture now being cultivated in another land. Originally from Colombia and currently working in Australia, Gailer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts Management from RMIT University in Melbourne. She creates art based on imaginary landscapes, exploring characters, cultural identity and spaces of magical realism. Many of her artworks explore confronting tensions facing women, investigating the female body as a symbol of sexuality, motherhood, beauty and ambiguity. In doing this, Gailer aspires to contribute to the reconstruction of a contemporary female identity: a matrix of the female experience as a source of power.

Katherine Gailer
Roots Of My Boat, 2016
Ink on paper
115 cm x 78 cm


So there you have it - three more beautiful works to be exhibited at Trailblazing Women of Herstory exhibition.

Trailblazing Women of Herstory is a fundraising art exhibition in support of The Global Women's Project. Thirty-nine award-winning and emerging artists have created original portraits of trailblazing women, to be exhibited, sold and auctioned during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence at Neospace Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne. Proceeds from sale of art go towards The Global Women's Project's work, supporting women to determine their own lives in Cambodia and Nepal, as well as exhibiting artists. 

The exhibition is open to the public from 26 November - 10 December, 2016. For the full rundown including opening hours, click here.

We can't wait to see you at the exhibition, helping to strengthen the ability of women the world over to determine their own lives through The Global Women's Project. 

The countdown is on!

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